Yamaha and Sumitomo demo on-board thermoelectric generator for CO2 discount

Yamaha and Sumitomo demo on-board thermoelectric generator for CO2 discount


Yamaha Company and Sumitomo Company Energy & Mobility Co., Ltd., a Sumitomo Company Group firm, collectively demonstrated a brand new waste warmth restoration system based mostly on a thermoelectric generator (TEG), which generates electrical energy through exhaust fuel warmth.

The TEG, which is put in in part of automobile exhaust system, can scale back CO2 emissions by lowering alternator load by producing electrical energy from unutilized waste exhaust fuel and in addition by early warm-up of engine by heated coolant by means of the TEG unit at engine begin.

On this demonstration check TEG unit was put in in a check automobile, and the generated electrical energy from the TEG and CO2 emissions have been measured with the automobile on a chassis dynamometer. With the TEG, 1.9% of CO2 emissions (i.e. 3.9 g/km) was decreased all through the European WLTP driving cycle. The businesses estimate the potential good thing about the TEG to be as much as 3.1% CO2 discount (i.e. 6.4g/km) through additional optimization of the automobile set up of the TEG unit. (Extra on this under.)

The automotive trade has undertaken varied improvement efforts through the years to create thermoelectric expertise to cut back CO2 emissions. Nevertheless, because of the inadequate efficiency and reliability of the TEG module, the expertise has but to be put into sensible use.

In March 2021, each corporations commenced pattern gross sales of a TEG module, YGPX024 (image under), to research market wants.



The demonstration check was outsourced to FEV Europe GmbH. The check TEG unit consisted of 4 YGPX024 TEG modules, two warmth exchangers for exhaust fuel and three warmth exchangers for water cooling circuit stacked collectively (above).

The TEG unit was put in within the exhaust pipe on the downstream of the catalyst. The primary engine cooling circuit was branched and prolonged to TEG unit. The prevailing water pump on the automobile was used to produce coolant to TEG unit. In parallel with the present alternator the TEG unit was related on to an current 12V battery through a DC-DC convertor with most energy level monitoring perform, which enabled the unit to function at its optimum and effectively receive electrical energy. No exterior gear was used for this check, because of the significance of evaluating the precise profit for the automobile.

The check used totally different check cycles, together with European WLTP driving cycle (incl. Part 4), US06 driving cycle and steady-state driving cycle. Through the assessments on a chassis dynamometer, CO2 emissions and {the electrical} output generated from TEG unit have been measured to guage the impact of TEG unit.

There have been notable set up restrictions for the TEG unit, and the fuel temperature on the exhaust inlet pipe couldn’t attain the goal worth. An extra check achieved the goal fuel temperature. Primarily based on the check consequence, evaluation confirmed a most CO2 emissions discount of three.1% (6.4 g/km) by optimizing the automobile set up of TEG unit.


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