Porsche Taycan Turbo S Cannot Grasp With 1,000+ HP Tesla And Lucid

Porsche Taycan Turbo S Cannot Grasp With 1,000+ HP Tesla And Lucid


In addition to the Rimac Nevera, no manufacturing EV has managed to offer the Tesla Mannequin S Plaid complications on the drag strip, not even the 1,111-hp Lucid Air Dream Version Efficiency.

Just lately, we have seen the Mannequin S smoke the Lucid Air in a sequence of drag races, and we additionally know that the Porsche Taycan Turbo S stands no probability to the would possibly unleashed by the Plaid’s tri-motor powertrain. 

That stated, three-car drag races are at all times enjoyable to look at, and this newest one from DragTimes that pits the Tesla Mannequin S Plaid in opposition to the Lucid Air Dream Version Efficiency and Porsche Taycan Turbo S makes no exception. Everyone knows the way it will finish, however that does not imply we cannot watch it. 

For added visible impact, the Porsche was positioned between the Tesla and the Lucid, serving to the viewer higher perceive the distinction between 750 horsepower and 1,000+ horsepower.

The entire level of this sequence of races (two drag races and one roll race) is to see it from the angle of the Taycan Turbo S driver. As he says at one level within the video, his 750-hp Porsche simply cannot dangle with the 1,111-hp Lucid and 1,020-hp Tesla, despite the fact that it is by far the most costly of the bunch—it prices $218,000, nearly twice as a lot because the Plaid ($124,000) and considerably greater than the Air ($169,000).

In fact, peak energy is much from the one factor that issues in a drag race, so here is a brief reminder of the important thing specs of those three efficiency EVs.

Beginning with the Tesla, it is acquired 1,020-hp from a tri-motor AWD powertrain with no transmission and it weighs 4,833 kilos. The Lucid boasts 1,111 horsepower from a two-motor AWD powertrain with no transmission and it suggestions the scales at 5,236 kilos. 

As for the Porsche, it packs as much as 750 hp in overboost mode from a two-motor AWD powertrain that includes a two-speed transmission. In addition to being the most costly, it is also the heaviest at 5,300 kilos.

Time to hit play on the video above and see how badly the Taycan Turbo S acquired overwhelmed.


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