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Including a Zex Nitrous Package to a Supercharged 2003 Ford Cobra 4.6L! - Pak Auto Services

Including a Zex Nitrous Package to a Supercharged 2003 Ford Cobra 4.6L!

Including a Zex Nitrous Package to a Supercharged 2003 Ford Cobra 4.6L!


What’s one of the simplest ways to dramatically enhance the ability output of your 4.6L Terminator motor? (Picture/Richard Holdener)

What’s your favourite energy adder?

The query is definitely fairly frequent amongst efficiency fans. The issue is usually selecting between the differing types. Let’s face it, pretty much as good as all-motor builds are, they are often made much more highly effective with the addition of both enhance or nitrous! And the oldsters fortunate sufficient to benefit from the large advantages of a supercharger, turbocharger, or nitrous oxide all swear by the outcomes.

There’s something addictive about what can finest be described as an over-abundance of torque.

In fact, it doesn’t actually matter whether or not that thrust comes from the speedy enhance response of a manufacturing unit roots supercharger (like our 2003 4.6L Ford Cobra motor), a correctly sized turbo system, or the push-button energy provided by the injection of nitrous, it’s exhausting to argue with the potential of energy adder. Should you had been to ballot efficiency fans or native monitor hounds, the place blowers, turbos, and nitrous all compete head-to-head, everybody has their favourite.

Maybe an excellent higher query than which one must you select, is…why select only one?

As an example the potential of doubling up on energy adders, we determined so as to add a Zex nitrous equipment to a manufacturing unit supercharged 2003 4.6L Ford Cobra motor.

In spite of everything, the one factor higher than a boosted Terminator motor, is a boosted Terminator on ice!

Understanding the Science of Nitrous

Why will we consult with including nitrous to a supercharged Terminator as placing it on ice?

Properly, a short understanding of nitrous is so as right here.

When equipped to the motor, nitrous oxide would possibly finest be regarded as a type of chemical supercharging. Because the energy output of the motor is a direct perform of the variety of oxygen molecules equipped to the motor, the extra molecules we will provide, the higher the ability output. Within the case of pressured induction, like our supercharger, the extra oxygen molecules got here through a rise within the quantity of air.

True sufficient, the density (variety of oxygen molecules) truly decreases with the rise in temperature (warmth is a pure byproduct of compression), the rise in quantity greater than offsets the lower in density. The web result’s, regardless of the discount in density, we have now extra molecules and due to this fact extra energy.

Not like supercharging, nitrous oxide doesn’t improve the airflow, in truth there’s a discount in airflow when utilizing nitrous, however relatively the compound will increase the variety of oxygen molecules. The nitrous injection acts as an oxidizing agent by releasing free oxygen with the breakdown of the compound within the combustion chamber. The breakdown of the compound requires substantial warmth (572 levels), one thing simply equipped by the combustion course of. Liberation of the oxygen molecules then requires solely the addition of additional gasoline. When mixed within the correct quantities, the result’s a powerful achieve in energy.

The Terminator on Ice

It needs to be apparent that each supercharging and nitrous oxide provide loads of energy potential all on their very own, so simply think about what could be completed while you mix the 2.

Along with the ability positive aspects, an additional good thing about including nitrous oxide to a supercharged motor is the cooling impact—therefore, placing the Terminator on ice!

The compound nitrous oxide is saved as a liquid, however injected into the motor as a fuel. In scientific phrases, the transformation of a liquid to a fuel, generally referred to as boiling, requires an enter of power. For fans, particularly supercharged fans, nitrous injection presents the additional benefit of pulling warmth from the air stream because it turns from a liquid to a fuel.

Although most of us consider boiling water as being scorching, nitrous has a brilliant low (-129 levels F) boiling level. Even after having drawn an incredible quantity of warmth from the inlet tract from vaporization, the gaseous nitrous continues to chill issues off by equalizing itself with the encircling temperature. This cooling impact is along with the injection of all these power-producing oxygen molecules. The icing (excuse the pun) on the cake is that the now liberated nitrogen molecules additionally act as an anti-detonate.

Making Energy with a Supercharger & Nitrous

As an example the positive aspects provided by combining supercharging and nitrous oxide, we put in a Zex nitrous equipment on our supercharged check motor. On the time of this check, the check mule was what may finest be described because the mom of all Mustang motors, in any other case referred to as 2003 4-valve Cobra or Terminator.

The Cobra motor was truly equipped in crate type direct from Ford Racing. Pulled from the pages of Ford Racing catalog (PN M-6007-SC46, discontinued), the “official” energy ranking provided by Ford was 390 hp and 390 lbs.-ft. of torque—but it surely made a lot extra.

Outfitted with free-flowing, 4-valve heads, and Cobra-specific cams, the spotlight of the 4.6L modular motor was the intercooled, Eaton M112 supercharger. For our check, the inventory blower pulley was changed with a smaller 3.2 inch unit from South Florida Pulley Headquarters (SFPH).

Labeled the Dial Ur Increase (DUB) system, the pulley meeting featured an adapter hub designed to just accept (straightforward) bolt-on pulleys to interchange the manufacturing unit press-fit model. The DUB system was additionally integrated on the crankshaft. For our check, the Terminator was geared up with a 3.2/7.5 inch pulley combo, leading to a peak enhance stress of 12.1 psi.

So geared up, the Terminator produced peak numbers of 533 hp at 6,400 rpm and 518 lbs.-ft. of torque at 3,700 rpm. The enhance stress began at 11.6 psi at 3,000 rpm, climbed to 12.1 psi from 4,300 rpm to five,300 rpm then dropped off to simply 10.9 psi at 6,500 rpm. Now it was time to place this child on ice!

Putting in the Nitrous System

The Zex moist EFI nitrous equipment featured a single fogger nozzle designed to inject each nitrous and gasoline. This Zex moist equipment was geared up with 54 nitrous and 32 gasoline jets.

We merely put in the fogger nozzle right into a vacuum becoming on the AccuFab throttle physique inlet (in entrance of the blower). To facilitate the set up of the fogger nozzle, we eliminated a vacuum becoming then tapped the opening with the faucet equipped within the Zex equipment. This pre-blower place maximized cooling of the inlet air into the supercharger.

The extra gasoline provide for the gasoline jet (via the Zex solenoid controller field) was offered by the Schrader valve within the manufacturing unit gasoline rail. We merely put in the equipped adapter becoming within the equipment. We then linked the equipped gasoline line from the gasoline rail to the controller field. The equipment additionally included the road from the ten pound nitrous bottle to the controller. The ultimate strains included these run from the controller to the nozzle.

The 54 nitrous jetting (mixed with a further 4 levels of ignition retard) elevated the ability output of the supercharged 2003 Cobra motor by as a lot as 126 hp and 140 lb.-ft. of torque. The height numbers checked in at 638 hp at 6,300 rpm and an incredible 636 lbs.-ft. of torque at 4,800 rpm.

Barely increased rpm and extra tuning might need yielded even higher peak energy positive aspects, however placing the boosted Terminator on ice confirmed how effectively the twin energy adder mixture actually works!

Nitrous is the large equalizer, particularly while you mix it with enhance. It is likely to be argued that many could be pleased with a supercharged 4.6L Terminator pumping out 533 hp, there are all the time these in search of extra. One path to spectacular energy positive aspects is so as to add a fast shot of nitrous! Utilizing a single fogger nozzle, the Zex moist equipment mixed each gasoline and nitrous in a single shot. One factor we didn’t account for on this check was the extra gasoline stress that got here from our boost-referenced gasoline stress regulator. The equipped 32 gasoline jet was designed to run with 43 psi of gasoline stress, however our boost-referenced regulator as an alternative equipped 55 psi (43 psi +12 psi of enhance). Regardless of the wealthy combination and drop of 4 levels of timing, placing the Terminator on ice elevated the ability output from 533 hp to 638 hp. (Dyno Chart/Richard Holdener)
The one-fogger, moist EFI nitrous equipment used for this check was equipped by Zex. The adjustable equipment included all of the elements required to extend the ability output of nearly any gasoline injected combo by 75 to 125 hp. (Picture/Richard Holdener)
The Zex moist EFI equipment featured a single fogger nozzle to inject each nitrous and gasoline into the Accufab consumption positioned in entrance of the supercharger. Provided within the correct proportion, the tremendous cool (-129 levels F) nitrous oxide might help cut back the inlet cost temperature to assist decrease detonation. The equipped jetting allowed us to regulate the ability positive aspects from 75 to 125 hp. (Picture/Richard Holdener)
Included within the Zex moist EFI equipment is that this management field to distribute the movement of nitrous and gasoline to the fogger nozzle. (Picture/Richard Holdener)
Along with the jetting, the quantity of nitrous equipped to the motor was decided by the bottle stress. The higher the stress, the higher the movement charge and attending energy positive aspects. Bottle heaters are sometimes used to maintain the temperature above 900 psi for max efficiency. (Picture/Richard Holdener)
Even earlier than including nitrous, we improved the ability output of our supercharged Terminator motor with the set up of DUB pulley system from South Florida Pulley Headquarters. The three.2 inch blower pulley added some much-needed enhance from the M112 supercharger. (Picture/Richard Holdener)
The DUB blower pulley was mixed with an interchangeable crank pulley system. We changed the manufacturing unit Ford crank pulley with a bigger 7.75 inch pulley to additional improve the velocity of the supercharger. (Picture/Richard Holdener)
Although elevated stress and energy was a easy matter of cranking up the enhance, the manufacturing unit M112 Eaton (like each supercharger) was restricted by way of most enhance and energy. Belt slippage also can turn into an issue when cranking up the enhance! (Picture/Richard Holdener)
The Eaton M112 supercharger got here geared up with an air-to-water intercooler proper from the manufacturing unit. (Picture/Richard Holdener)
To make sure all of the boosted air may correctly exit the supercharger mod motor, we put in a set of 1-5/8 inch (long-tube) Flowtech (Hooker) headers. (Picture/Richard Holdener)
Realizing optimistic displacement superchargers had been very delicate to inlet restrictions, we changed the inventory throttle physique and inlet system on the Terminator with these high-flow items from AccuFab. (Picture/Richard Holdener)
We utilized the F.A.S.T. EFI engine administration system to dial within the A/F and timing on the supercharged mod motor. Usually run with 23 levels of whole timing (race/pump fuel combination) and a protected air/gasoline ratio of 11.8:1, we pulled three to 4 levels of timing and ran a richer combination (gasoline stress) with the nitrous. (Picture/Richard Holdener)
Outfitted with a 3.2 inch DUB blower pulley and a 7.5 inch crank pulley, the supercharged 4.6L Terminator produced 533 hp at 6,400 rpm at a peak enhance of 10.9 psi. The very best enhance stage of 12.1 psi occurred simply after the torque peak of 518 lb.-ft. at 3,700 rpm. (Picture/Richard Holdener)
Set up of the only fogger nozzle required tapping an present vacuum port on the Accufab consumption. (Picture/Richard Holdener)
The manufacturing unit Ford Schrader valve on the inventory gasoline rail was changed with an AN/Schrader becoming to supply gasoline for the nitrous system. (Picture/Richard Holdener)
Outfitted with Zex moist equipment (54 nitrous and 32 gasoline), the nitrous-injected Terminator produced 638 hp, with positive aspects as excessive as 126 hp and 140 lbs.-ft. of torque. When correctly tuned, icing your Terminator makes for a powerful mixture. (Picture/Richard Holdener)


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