Harley Davidson Livewire (2022)- EV Charging Information

Harley Davidson Livewire (2022)- EV Charging Information


When somebody discusses Harley Davidson electrical bikes, the very first thing that springs to thoughts is how these bikes run. In contrast to conventional bikes, these bikes often don’t run by means of engines with gasoline techniques. Harley Davidson bikes are operated by battery techniques required to cost. Not solely that, the charging system of this bike’s battery is totally totally different from common batteries. 

The reason being that Harley Davidson bike chargers function an inside circuit that costs the battery at a fascinating price. It permits turning off charging the bike mechanically to guard the battery from overcharging. Learn the complete context if you recognize extra in regards to the Harley Davidson Charging System. 

How Does the Harley Davidson Charging System Truly Work?


The Harley Davidson bike’s motor is taken into account its coronary heart and soul. To maintain its metallic coronary heart flowing, it’s primarily reliant on batteries. Highly effective batteries energy every thing from lighting to the ignition system. Usually, Harley Davidson comes with handy DC quick charging capabilities to cost these batteries. 

When the cost of those batteries is about to complete, you may simply cost your bike with this DC charger. In a single full cost, you may journey 146 metropolis miles with an electrical Harley-Davidson bike. This variety of miles may be lowered due to self-discharge in scorching climate. It happens principally through the summer time season. 

Moreover, driving Harley Davidson on tough roads can also be the reason for discharging the battery quick. In that case, utilizing air rides for Harley touring bikes will show you how to to make your journey clean, even on tough terrain. This manner, you may guarantee comfy driving and higher management over your Harley Davidson.

The place Can You Cost A Harley-Davidson?

You’ll be able to cost your Harley Davidson conveniently at dwelling, within the working space, and even from gasoline pump stations. Some widespread locations the place you may cost your Harley Davidson are current beneath. 

Charging Your Harley-Davidson At Dwelling  

Charging a Harley Davidson at dwelling will assist you to journey your bike everytime you need. In that case, you may make the most of a Stage 1 charger to cost your bike at dwelling. All you simply must do is plug within the charger to your wall outlet. It is usually doable to improve your Stage 1 charger to a Stage 2 cost that gives the identical velocity. However it should allow you to observe schedules, charging, and set reminders. 

Charging Your Harley-Davidson At Work

Charging your Harley Davidson at your office or round city shouldn’t be that tough. Along with charging your bike at dwelling, charging at work helps your bike to all the time be absolutely charged and makes you all the time able to journey dwelling. A number of workplaces supply EV charging services for his or her workers. So, in case your office has an EV charging system, you may simply cost your bike. 

Charging Your Harley-Davidson At Public Places

Some cities have EV charging techniques in public places, together with shops, eating places, and gasoline refilling stations. So, charging a Harley Davidson round city can also be handy. One other good factor is that you will see that some functions to seek out out the closest EV charging system. The app will present you refueling station maps in your zone to seek out the charging station simply. 

What Are The Charger Problems On The Harley Davidson? 

Stage 1 charging plugs are included with all electrical bikes, together with Harley Davidson. These chargers are mainly up to date variations of laptop computer chargers and are sometimes owned by a particular producer. With this charger, you may solely cost appropriate bikes. For instance, in case you have a LiveWire plug, you may’t use a zero cable. 

A Zero bike may be charged utilizing the wire from one other Zero bike. In addition to, particular plugs are required for Stage 2 and Stage 3 chargers. J1772 is the widespread title for Stage 2 chargers, which have a number of tiny pins grouped right into a round socket. However, Stage 3 chargers have two DC fast-charge pins beneath. 

These are often commonplace plugs for US markets, and different nations have distinct requirements. Needless to say you should use Stage 2 chargers in case your motorbike is appropriate with Stage 3 chargers. However it’s not doable to make use of a Stage 3 charger if the bike is simply appropriate with Stage 2 chargers.

How Lengthy Does It Take To Cost A Harley-Davidson Bike?

Charging a Harley Davidson motorbike often takes round 2.5 to six hours, relying on the kind of battery charger. You’ll be able to simply determine how lengthy a charger will take to cost a motorbike battery fully following a easy calculation. 

Think about you’ve got a 48-volt battery with a ten amp-hour capability and a 2 amp charger. To calculate how lengthy it should take to cost, divide the battery’s amps by the charger’s amps, similar to 10 amp-hours / 2 amps = 5 hours. So, if you happen to want to cost your motorbike quicker, you’ll want a charger with the next amp score. 

What Can Go Mistaken With The Harley-Davidson Charging System?


Often, once you see a bike not charging, a element of your charging system might fail. The failure of a element in a bike charging system is sort of totally different, however all happen in a reasonably widespread means:

  • Regulator Overheats/Dies: The regulator performs a vital function in operating a bike. It sucks present from the alternators and trims it to the required voltage. Though the regulator has an enormous heatsink, extra warmth could make it die. 
  • Battery Will get Outdated: Each battery has a shelf-life. So, as soon as they get outdated or will not be correctly maintained, the batteries will die. Though fashionable batteries last more, correct upkeep makes a very good affect.
  • Battery Will get Fired: If the regulator doesn’t trim voltage correctly, it may ship an excessive amount of voltage into the battery. This could trigger battery harm as a result of motorbike batteries usually function at round 12 and 14.5 volts.
  • Free Wires: Generally, free wires within the Harley Davidson bike charging system badly affect the battery. Such a malfunctioning charging system can harm your motorbike battery. 


Having an electrical motorbike, particularly a Harley-Davidson, is the best approach to discover the world. However most individuals are questioning in regards to the charging system of this bike. For that, now we have mentioned all of the details about the charging system for Harley Davidson. Since these bikes are battery-operated, you may cost them with their particular DC chargers. 

In addition to, this bike lets you cost at work and different public locations, other than charging at dwelling. Moreover, you should use three various kinds of chargers to cost your bike’s batteries. All chargers supply quick charging services, however degree 3 chargers present some further options. So, you may reap the benefits of driving a Harley Davidson motorbike with out worrying in regards to the charging system. 


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