Guoxuan nearer to mass-produce 230 Wh/kg LFP battery cells

Guoxuan nearer to mass-produce 230 Wh/kg LFP battery cells


Gotion Excessive-Tech, also referred to as Guoxuan, introduced on the China EV100 Discussion board that the mass-production of its energy-dense LFP (LiPePO4) battery cells will lastly begin by the top of the yr. Hopefully, this time is for actual…


Let’s have a look at the preliminary plans and see what comes subsequent.


Guoxuan’s LFP battery cell evolution

  • 2009: 95 Wh/kg
  • 2015: 140 Wh/kg
  • 2019: 190 Wh/kg
  • 2020: 212 Wh/kg (191 Wh/kg at pack stage with JTM)
  • 2021: 230 Wh/kg (207 Wh/kg at pack stage with JTM)
  • 2022: 260 Wh/kg (234 Wh/kg at pack stage with JTM)


Curiously, not like its most important opponents, CATL, BYD or SVOLT, Guoxuan will produce its energy-dense LFP battery cells in pouch format, as an alternative of prismatic. Subsequently, Guoxuan’s battery packs will use modules and the JTM (Jelly roll-to-module) know-how to attain a powerful GCTP (gravimetric cell-to-pack) ratio of 90 %, which is about the identical we have now in trendy module-less packs with the CTP (cell-to-pack) know-how.

Much more curious, is that Guoxuan stated in early 2021 that with JTM tech, its LFP batteries can have comparable price to lead-acid batteries… 👀


JTM price is near lead-acid battery, its integration tech permits us to make use of 1 manufacturing line for all merchandise and have 1 product to swimsuit all platforms.


Anyway, SVOLT expects to additionally attain the 230 Wh/kg determine with LFP battery cells by late 2023.

Nevertheless, BYD and CATL must be extra cautious with this type of bulletins, in any other case they may undermine their present large battery manufacturing, by making it look soon-to-be out of date know-how. As we all know, market leaders solely announce new merchandise when their launch is imminent, so don’t depend them out but.

Surpassing 200 Wh/kg on the pack stage with a cobalt-free chemistry that can also be protected, dependable, sturdy and low cost appears to be simply months away. Thrilling instances!



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