Charged EVs | Metis Engineering’s Battery Security Sensor displays pack well being, detects cell venting

Charged EVs | Metis Engineering’s Battery Security Sensor displays pack well being, detects cell venting


Metis Engineering’s Battery Security Sensor is designed to watch the well being of a lithium-ion battery pack and detect cell venting, an early signal of catastrophic battery failure.

The corporate has now launched a beta model that encompasses a new streamlined design, optimized for manufacturing within the excessive volumes required by automotive OEMs. It says items are already on trial with quite a few EV OEMs and battery producers.

The sensor is designed to select up a variety of environmental parameters, together with Risky Natural Compounds (VOCs), Stress Change, Humidity and Dew Level. An non-compulsory Accelerometer can report shock hundreds. This information can be utilized to crosscheck with different inputs, reminiscent of cell temperatures, to detect cell venting.

The sensor relays the info over a configurable CAN interface to a management unit, such because the car’s ECU, to alert the driving force that cell venting has occurred. The sensor may also set off a course of to chop the circuit to the battery pack, permitting it to chill down and hopefully stop thermal runaway.

Metis explains that commonplace battery administration methods (BMS) are designed to watch the well being of the battery pack, however sometimes have just one temperature sensor for each few cells. “This technique works high quality if it occurs to be the cell with the temperature sensor that goes dangerous, but when the cell is a distance away from the sensor within the pack, by the point the sensor registers the change in temperature, if in any respect, it could very seemingly be too late.” The Metis Battery Security Sensor, nevertheless, “sometimes detects venting inside seconds.”

“The discharge of the beta variations of our Manufacturing Battery Security Sensor marks one other key milestone as we roll out the know-how,” mentioned Metis Engineering Managing Director Joe Holdsworth. “The sensor is already on trial in electrical sportscars, buses, plane and vans, and the suggestions has been universally very constructive. My crew plan to make one or two minor modifications earlier than we log out the ultimate spec [which will be] prepared for supply in Q3 this yr.”

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