BangShift.com Watch Bigfoot 1 Assault A Soupy Mud Pit In Illinois

BangShift.com Watch Bigfoot 1 Assault A Soupy Mud Pit In Illinois


Muck Grasp: Watch Bigfoot 1 Assault A Soupy Mud Pit In Illinois Circa 1988 – Nitrous ON!

Earlier than we get into this let me hike up my trousers, excellent my comb over, and get my Members Solely jacket on. I’m about to go full old-guy right here so I’ll as properly look the half. Look, bear in mind when monster vehicles used to do different stuff except for squashing automobiles? They’d go sled pulling, hit the mud bathroom, do tug of warfare sort stuff, and the record goes on. Yeah, I do know that right this moment’s monster vehicles can carry out flips and different feats that defy physics however they aren’t as cool as their metal bodied grandfathers. This video proves it.

You might be about to see Bigfoot 1 in all of its glory, Bob Chandler on the wheel, Predator carbs slugging air and gas, and nitrous flowing although its massive block veins, hammer a mud pit in Illinois circa 1988. That is too cool. Take into consideration making wheel pace in a mud pit with 66″ tall tires. That takes some horsepower. Clearly the steep gearing of the Rockwell prime loader axles helps as properly however the BBF engine within the truck sounds the stuff when it’s roaring at full music.

We can’t think about the ache within the ass it was to wash that massive sucker up on the finish of the weekend. The truck went from pristine to trying just like the Swamp Factor very quickly flat. After his profitable navigation of the pit (in each instructions) Chandler is interviewed by Gary Lee, one of many OG monster truck announcers and one other voice from our collective childhoods. All of this guidelines.

Press play under to see the OG Bigfoot truck dominating the mud in Illinois –



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